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37521 Dublin Gulch Rd
St Ignatius, MT59865

Phone: (406) 546-5999


We are Larry and Nadene Latzke of St Ignatius, Montana. Nadene has been raising quality puppies for over 25 years, and with partial retirement, Larry began working with her in 2002. That is when we began building our new, state of the art kennel here in Montana.

We raise our puppies in the most loving, humane, clean environment possible. They are definitely loved and socialized.

We give our puppies the best veterinary care with our vet. She is one of those vets who simply loves and cares deeply about the animals she treats. She checks every puppy as soon as we wean it, so we know what we have to sell to you. You get the original of her check sheet and we keep a copy.

We live in what we think is a "little bit of heaven" --the Mission Mountain Valley....we can look up and see some snow year around. It's definitely a wonderful place to raise our little darlings. We know you will be delighted with our puppies and that they will make a lifelong friend for you.

We're very proud of our operation and our puppies....they are quality at a reasonable price.

Please call us at 406-546-5999.